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Bring the main event into your bedroom!
This is a great theme for boys of all ages.
Ideas for decorating your Wrestling Themed Bedroom

You no longer need to stand ringside to enjoy the wrestling atmosphere - bring the superstars of the wrestling ring into the bedroom and transform the whole room into a wrestling ring starting with ropes attached to the walls all around the bedroom.

Base the bedroom color scheme on your favourite wrestler's costume colors.

Get crafty and create your own champion belts to  display on the walls.
WWE Championship Wrestling Belts are amazing gifts for any wrestling fan. like being a WWE Champion without all the blood, sweat, and body slams!
WWE dvds
hits, slams high flying acrobatics, crazy antics, hilarious skits, revealing interviews and more!

Lion's Tale: Around the World in Spandex
Chris Jericho is the first undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the WWE and WCW, and has been called one of the fifty greatest wrestlers of all time. Now retired, he is writing his memoir, telling the story of his journey from wrestling school in Canada to his time in leagues in Mexico and Japan to his big break in the WCW. He'll dish the dirt on how he worked his way through the ranks alongside major wrestling stars like Chris Benoit and Lance Storm to become a major superstar.
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Delightful novelties and Xtreme Sports scenes, these life size murals, and wall accents can add fun and flair to any room.
Luche Libre Star Man Throw Pillow
Luche Libre Throw Pillow
Tap Out or Pass Out Wrestling Wall Clock
 Clown Nose Throw Pillow
throw pillows  and novelty clocks at cafepress
Boxing's Ten Commandments: Essential Training for the Sweet Science
This boxing handbook provides up-to-date, in-depth coaching for serious contenders. Weaving fundamental skills into a progression of drills that hone technique in increasingly complex, demanding, and realistic fighting situations, the handbook aids fighters in developing the reflexes of a complete boxer and teaches the move from a process-and-react mentality to one of seeing-and-reacting. Hundreds of sequential images illustrate vital steps in the progression - from proper stance, effective footwork, and range to defense and counters, the importance of angles, and creating winning strategies. The book starts with the building of proper on guard stances which is the foundation upon which everything else is built upon in boxing. Then long and shot term rhythm is covered. The importance of proper footwork is then explained.
Get ready to rumble with your child's favorite wrestlers and this fun bedding . You don't have to wait every Monday, Tuesday, or Friday nights.  Now you can have the WWE in your home all the time.  Introducing the WWE Full Sheet Set and Full Comforter. How to Decorate a Kids Room Wrestling Theme, wrestling bedding
Muhammad Ali standup-boxing theme bedroom decorating ideas
life-size, hi-def, precision-cut Muhammad Ali wall graphic is made of hyper-durable vinyl that's easy to put up, safe for walls and complements the decor of any man cave, office, den, living room, bedroom - well, just about any room. A Fathead IS NOT a poster, sticker, decal, cardboard cutout, wallpaper, mural, cartoon,

Hanging Boxing Gloves Fun Wall Decal
boxng wall Decal Boxing Fight wall decorations
Oscar De La Hoya wall decal sticker-Joe Frazier wall decal sticker
WWE Lifesize stickups - Bobby Lashley -Fathead wall decals lifesize - Wrestling room decorating ideas
WWE Lifesize stickups for the sports fans bedroom. Undertaker - giant wall stickups lifesize wwe Fathead. decorate boys room - Wrestling Theme  for the  WWE wrestling fan
John-Cena-lifesize wall stickers-wwe-bedroom-decorating. Looks really cool in the workout room. A really unique decoration. Wrestling room decorating ideas
Triple H - Fathead Jr-wrestling theme bedroom wall decal sticker murals - t's fun and all of his family and friends think is "Way Cool!" WWE Wrestling room decorating ideas
Unscripted (WWE)
This book is a wonderful read into the lives of WWE wrestlers. The Undertaker tells you why he didn't become a professional basketball player. Goldberg tells you why he joined the WWE. The Rock reveals how his own father tried to sabotage his career. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon speak openly and frankly about their relationship. Chris Jericho describes how he keeps it all in perspective. Sean Michaels talks about his revitalized career and how important his family and his faith are. Kurt Angle explains how you can wrestle with a broken neck. Unscripted lifts the curtain on the backstage areas of the shows, the homes and the everyday lives and ordinary events of these extraordinary people. It is a lavishly illustrated tribute to the men and women who climb over the rope day-after-day for the roar of the crowd.

Further covered is: economy of motion, proper range, the laws of punching,
counterpunching, the all important jab, the mechanics of punching (straight right,
straight right body, left and right hook, left and right hook body, left and right
uppercut), defense and counter attack (parries, catching, blocks for head and body,
evasive movements, slips, ducks, slides and rides, and the rock back). The book
goes on further to explain proper angling deviation from lateral back and forth motion
so as to optimize evasive maneuvering, then the importance of sparring and associated
training drills that are preparations for sparring, and finally the book discusses workout
plans and coaching points, training equipment, general workout (warm up, bag work,
shadowboxing and mirror training, jump rope, and sparring). All in all this is an excellent book at a good price and it is a very good reference book for beginners, armatures, and even professionals who want to get back to and review the basics .

The International Boxing Hall of Fame's Basic Boxing Skills
For all boxers and fans, this step-by-step guide to successful boxing by a two-time
World Heavyweight Champion will be educational and entertaining. Floyd Patterson
set out to “pass along to you what I’ve learned, to unlock some of the secrets of the
greatest sport in the world.” He succeeded, creating a classic that’s one of the most
comprehensive boxing manuals ever written. Topics include rules, equipment, how to
bandage your own hands, stance, bobbing and weaving, punching technique, offensive
and defensive moves, strategy, and conditioning - all offered with stories from Patterson’s
career. Plus, there is a full workout program. With a new introduction by International
Boxing Hall of Fame member Bert Randolph Sugar, this tour de force is an excellent
resource for trainers and boxers as well as a tribute to a great champion’s career.
If you ever dreamed of running up steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art just like Rocky did, then this is the robe for you! Black and yellow boxing-style robe features hood, sash, and "Italian Stallion" logo across the back; one size fits most adults.
Classic Ringside: Top 10 Heavyweights
documents the careers of some of the most revered boxers in this history of the sport. This program profiles such former champs as Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, and Rocky Marciano.
boxing theme bedroom - How to Decorate a Kids Room with a Boxing Theme
boxing bedroom theme - How to Decorate a Kids Room with a Boxing Theme
boxing novelty pillows-boxing novelty clocks-wrestling theme bedrooms-boxing themed decor
Decorating ideas for a
Boxing Themed Bedroom
Your little prize fighter will float like a butterfly in this authentic Everlast costume. Includes a blue and white robe with attached hood, a white shirt with attached blue shorts and logo, and red hands free boxing gloves. As this prizefighter, your kid might knock neighbors off their feet with his “Trick-or-treat!” Costume includes bodysuit with built-in muscle chest, robe with Everlast logo, robe tie and “hands-free” gloves; his is an officially licensed Everlast World's Boxing Headquarters Corp.™ costume.
variety of boxing throw pillows
boxing wall clocks  at cafepress
The Rock: The Epic Journey of Dwayne Johnson
He electrified a generation of sports entertainment fans with his brash style, superb athleticism, and uproarious interviews. He held the WWE Championship a record seven times, and was known for legendary battles with ''Stone Cold'' Steve Austin, Triple H, Mick Foley, Undertaker, and more. And at the peak of his popularity, he made a move to conquer a new industry, becoming an enormous movie star. Now, he s back in WWE, ready to main event the biggest WrestleMania in history, ''The People's WrestleMania.'' In the exciting buildup to WrestleMania XVIII, fans can, for the first time ever on DVD, relive the exciting life and times of the Rock. Packed with brand new interviews as well as a selection of the Rock's biggest career-spanning bouts, moments, and promos, this DVD/Blu-Ray set will electrify every member of Team Bring It!

Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time
He is one of the most popular Superstars in the history of sports-entertainment, with a resume that includes six WWE Championship reigns, three Royal Rumble victories, a King of the Ring Championship, and an unprecedented run of raising hell throughout WWE. Stone Cold Steve Austin continues to be both popular and controversial. With the recent success of Tough Enough, his highly anticipated appearances on WWE Raw, and his continued movie career, the Texas Rattlesnake is still a pop culture force and there has never been a comprehensive biography done until now. Stone Cold Steve Austin looks at the life and career of Austin, and includes exclusive, never-before-seen interviews with Austin and many of his in-ring rivals.

WWE: WrestleMania XXVI
The biggest event of the year comes to the desert when WrestleMania
XXVI explodes in Arizona! Every member of the WWE Universe has
eagerly anticipated WrestleMania and the biggest Superstars of WWE
up their game when they perform on sports entertainment’s grandest
stage. It’s been a pop culture phenomenon for more than a quarter
century—it is WrestleMania. Stars: Shawn Michaels, Big Show,
Undertaker, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Triple H , John Cena, Randy Orton,
Batista, Shaemus, Mark Henry, Drew McIntyre, Edge, Rey Mysterio,
John Morrison, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry

WWE: Royal Rumble 2010
an one wrestling ring contain 30 of the top WWE stars? Obviously
not! Bodies fly as Edge, Batista, the Big Show, John Cena, Shawn
Michaels, Triple H, and two dozen more brawlers compete for a
Wrestlemania XXVI world title shot. Also, current world champ the
Undertaker takes on high-flying Rey Mysterio; Randy Orton challenges
Sheamus for the WWE belt; the Miz and MVP meet in a U.S. title
showdown; and much more.

WWE: Summerslam: The Complete Anthology (2008)
twenty years now, the hottest action during the hottest months could be found in only one place SummerSlam! The WWE s signature event of the summer has seen a number of memorable championship bouts and grudge matches, and for the first time, fans can get all 20 years in one DVD set more than 60 hours and 200 matches!

“The champ is here.” Start your mornings with a wakeup call from your favorite WWE wrestler. Choose between John Cena, The Undertaker, Edge, Triple H, Ray Mysterio and Jerico. Need more sleep? SMACKDOWN the ring and snooze a little longer. Customize your Alarm Clock with character stick-ons.Features: AM/FM Tuner LED Display and Battery Backup.
Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Decorate walls with really cool  WWE championship belts  and be the envy of your friends.

Paint a crowd or get creative with felt cut outs and make a variety of faces to look like a crowd on the wall.  Or place a few standups around the room, better yet a personalized standup of your child or even cooler, a personalized wall sticker decal of your child dressed in their favorite wrestling characters costume

Frame posters of your wrestlers.

Decorate with wwe lifesize stickups or dress up and flex those muscles in a  wrestling costume
create your own wall mural

Furnish with  bean bags, floor pillows,
inflatable furniture, and
soft foam tumbling mats  for safe wrestling matches in the room.

lockers for storage.

Bell to ding inbetween rounds
Microphone dropped down from the ceiling,
childs karaoke machine would work well also..

Now you can have the WWE in your home all the time!
This Decal is 36" Wide and is available in Any color.  Apply this sticker to decorate your walls anywhere you want from your Bedroom, Door Room, Billiard Room, Kids Room, or even your Garage!
Fun and colorful, surprisingly comfortable Bubble Inflatables Real Red Inflatable Couch, perfect for college dorms, sleep-overs, play rooms and more.
Inflatable furniture
- variety of color choices -
Fun and colorful, surprisingly comfortable Bubble Inflatables Ocean Blue Inflatable Chair, perfect for college dorms, sleep-overs, play rooms and more. Chairs are super-sturdy,
boxing wall decal mural stickers-punching bag wall mural sticker-inflatable furniture
Inflatable furniture
- variety of color choices -
Boxing Print Home Decor Vinyl Wall Sticker
Now WWE fans can brawl with their favorite Superstar! This large, soft-body figure is tough enough to take tons of roughhousing and features over 10 signature sounds and phrases!
Boys love to play out brawling with their favorite Superstars, recreating all the over-the-top action and grabbing the spotlight--just like the real guys! John Cena is one of the biggest names in WWE, and now with this oversized figure, young fans can go head to head against him in the ultimate competitions. This large plush figure "speaks" catch phrases recorded by John Cena himself (example: "You can't see me!") and makes "grunting" and impact sounds when struck, which adds to the authentic play. Boys can battle John Cena to become a WWE Champion!
Knock the stuffing out of this guy? Not a chance! The Brawlin' Buddies John Cena plush figure is made from safe, durable materials, so he's tough enough to take a beating, soft enough to squeeze, and bold enough to throw down. Flip him, toss him--he can keep coming back for more! The Brawlin' Buddies are the only WWE figures that let you get in on the action!
Young WWE fans are ready to wrangle! Boys can stage stunts with this John Cena figure and crash their toys while propelling the Brawlin' Buddies figure right into them. Then build 'em up and smack 'em down again! Plus, boys will love creating action-packed stories about their exciting championship battles against the iconic, charismatic Superstar.
How to Make a DIY WWE Wrestling Bed
Stone Cold Tin Sign
World Wrestling Entertainment - Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns Photo
World Wrestling Entertainment - Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns Photo
Stone Cold Tin Sign
El Luchador Mask Text Poster
El Luchador Mask Text Poster
Three Masked Wrestlers Stand in Ring
Three Masked Wrestlers Stand in Ring
Hanging Boxing Gloves