Fill your room with realistic dinosaur accessories and bring the gigantic prehistoric creatures to life in your kids bedroom.

Get creative with your bedroom walls and decorate with novelty dinosaur themed decor, decorative shelving and dinosaur theme stencils, dinosaur murals, and life size dinosaur stickups.

Scatter a few prehistoric plush dinosaurs  around the room and for added fun  .... 

what about these  pebble pillows....

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Who said dinosaurs are extinct? They may have roamed the earth millions of years ago, and they are still roaming many boys bedrooms today!

Transport your kids back to a land before time and create a jurassic tropical jungle oasis in their Dinotopia style bedroom and decorate the Jurassic Park theme with unique prehistoric dinosaur themed accents.

fantastic, whimsical light that's got it all. This Spot Rock is weatherproof and ready for outdoor use, but can be used indoor as well. Finished in an apt greystone color, this fixture is composed of resin, and looks like a round rock on a decorative base. The head of this light is directionally adjustable, making it versatile as well as handsome. This light comes complete with one 20 watt 12V (MR-16) bulb, and measures 7 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter. This light can be placed up to 8 feet away from your transformer.
Indoor-outdoor rock lights
looks like a round rock on a decorative base.
flintstones-prehistoric dinosaurs theme bedrooms
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Do not let the dinosaur theme fool you,
some of these dinos are
super fun, super cute
and not too scary for bedtime!
Theme Bedroom
Decorating Ideas
Dinotopia    -   Jurassic Park   -    Flintstones   -    Land Before Time     -    King Kong

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Dinosaur wall stick ups   dinosaur mural stickups - dinosaurs for kids bedrooms wall decorations
Dinosaur wall decal stick ups  -  dinosaur mural stickups - dinosaurs  for  bedrooms walls. Walls of the wild dinosaur life size mural decorations
Dinosaur Fossils Switch Plate-novelty wall decorations dinosaur theme bedrooms.
Transform your little boy's bedroom into a Jurassic Kingdom with these adorable Dinosaur Furniture Knobs. Each of these dinosaur shaped knobs are made of ceramic and come in a choice of six different dinosaurs in bright and vibrant colors. Your son is sure to love them!
Dinosaur Furniture Knobs-FUN decor dinosaur themed knobs
Bring the past to life with the Dinosaurs Kids Dinosaur Rug. This kids play rug is completely non-toxic, non-allergenic, soil and stain resistant and comes with a durable latex non-skid backing to ensure your childs safety. All kids rugs from Learning Carpets are machine made in Belgium and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Features: *Machine made in Belgium from 100% nylon *Soil and stain resistant *Washable - not machine washable-wash similar to a wall to wall carpet *Able to withstand rugged wear *Durable latex gel skid-proof backing *Highest nonflammability rating in the industry *Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Great at home, at school, at the museum and more
 The shadows of gigantic dinosaurs creep across this fantastic rug with an active volcano spewing forth lava. Encourage children to use their imaginations as they explore the world of dinosaurs and practice the alphabet created from dinosaur bones
This hanging Tyrannosaurus Rex giant 3D wall art inspires adventure stories and lively conversations! Each lifelike plaque comes with metal keyhole to mount your T-Rex beast flush to the wall with ease. T-Rex head ships brand new in manufacturer's packaging, ready to attack any room in your house! Made of resin and painted to look lifelike, your friends and family will be amazed at the quality and authenticity!
KRYLON Make It Stone Faux Finishing Spray
Make It Stone produces a beautiful stone-textured look on almost
any surface. Quick and easy two-step process: simply apply
Make It Stone and finish with Make It Last clear coat sealer.

Great for use on lamps, planters, pottery, picture frames, furniture -
Wood, Metal, Wicker, Plastic, Glass, Craft Foam, Plaster, Ceramic,
Paper, Paper Mache.

KRYLON Texture Faux Finishing Paint

Create unique window treatments
using  Jumbo plastic Bone party Props, tied to the curtain rod with rope.

  jungle palm leaf valances - Create the cave window by using roughly cut styrofoam attached to the wall. Another option, which will take longer, paper mache. Paint the trims with Stone Faux Finishing Spray.

Add a realistic touch to the Jurassic Park tropical jungle with silk/plastic trees, silk/plastic  vines hanging from the ceiling and palm leaves window treatments.
Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs: The Definitive Pop-Up
Open this book and a massive T. REX springs out, flashing a startling jawful of jagged teeth. Turn the next spread and a ravishing raptor unfurls and appears to fly off the edge of the page. Inside the amazing ENCYCLOPEDIA PREHISTORICA:  DINOSAURS are "shield bearers" in full-body armor, creatures with frilly headgear, and weighty, long-necked giants. There are even amusing tidbits on the history of paleontology itself  - like a pop-up version of a Victorian New Year's dinner in the belly of a dinosaur model, or a pair of scientists locked in a literal tug-of-war over bones.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?
"How does a dinosaur say good night when Papa comes in to turn off the light? Does a dinosaur slam his tail and pout?  Does he throw his teddy bear all about? Does a dinosaur stomp his feet on the floor and shout: 'I want to hear one book more!'? DOES A DINOSAUR ROAR?" Most certainly not. Dinosaurs give their mommies and daddies big hugs and kisses, tuck their tales in, and whisper "Good night!"

The Complete Dinosaur, Second Edition (Life of the Past)
The articles are grouped by six categories: Discovery of Dinosaurs, Study of Dinosaurs, Groups of Dinosaurs, Biology of Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Evolution, and Dinosaurs and the Media. When controversial topics arise, the editors have provided opposing viewpoints rather than picking sides. For example, the "extinction" article is presented as "A dialogue between a Catastrophist and a Gradualist." Dinosaurs are described by group rather than by individual genera, so this is not the place to find a picture of a specific kind of dinosaur (though the illustrations are generally informative). With simpler language, more background information, and a subject rather than an alphabetical organization that makes for a more coherent presentation.

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs (National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books)
The third title in National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book series, this book is for kids 4- to 8-years-old who LOVE dinos! The prehistoric world comes alive with dinosaurs small, big, giant, and gigantic, with stunning illustrations by Franco Tempesta - who illustrated National Geographic Kids The Ultimate Dinopedia. Bursting with fun facts and age appropriate information, each spread features a different dinosaur, along with simple text in big type that is perfect for little kids. Young dino fans will love the interactivity included in every chapter, and parents will appreciate tips to help carry readers’ experience beyond the page.

T-Rex Dinosaur Head Wall Mount
Give your bedroom the EXOTIC TROPICAL jungle look with roaming dinosaurs, dinosaur bedroom ideas
dinosaur theme furniture knobs
Brontosaurus  night liight
Stegosaurus night light
Dinosaur Egg Table Lamp
Dinosaur footstools
T-Rex pillow
T-Rex dinosaur pillows
Dinosaur Table Lamps
dino lamp night light
T-Rex Through the Wall - Peel and Stick mural
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for a variety of
dinosaur themed knobs and pulls
dinosaur bones  Jumbo Bone Props
 dinosaur bedroom windows-dinosaur theme bedroom decorating ideas
For the bedding you have a few different options depending on the style of dinosaur bedroom - camo bedding, colorful dinosaurs, friendly dinosaurs, fierce dinosaurs and green leafy jungle style..

Camo bedding works well for the jungle look also, and is suited more for the older boys,
camouflage theme decorating and decor here.

Or the bright and colorful dino bedroom suitable for younger boys, toddlers and babies. Leafy jungle can work for all ages..
rock pillows dino playroom   Dinosaurs and Large Volcano
wall Decal Set

Stenonychosaurus wallpaper mural
at magic murals
Jurassic bedroom dinosaurs
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Dinosaur Wall Sticker Kit-dino bedding-dinosaur theme bedding
Dinosaur Jungle wall mural. Dinosaur theme bedroom decorating ideas. Delight your boy with the spirit and dreams of exciting dinosaurs traveling through Dino-land! The stimulating and attractive Jurassic Dinosaur and Dino Bones
caveman costumes, dinosaur costumes, baby dino costumes,
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dinosaur jungle bedroom decorating ideas  Tropical Palm Banana Leaf Wall Mural   T-Rex Comforter
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Jurassic Park bedroom ideas  dinosaur bedroom accessories, dinosaur room decor,
dinosaur themed bedroom ideas - dinosaur decor - dinosaur bedroom accessories -  dinosaur bedding - life size dinosaur wall decorations - dinosaur bedroom ideas
dinosaur themed bedroom ideas - dinosaur decor - dinosaur bedroom accessories -  dinosaur bedding
animal print rugs   dinosaur themed bedroom ideas - dinosaur decor - dinosaur bedroom accessories -  dinosaur bedding
Get creative with your prehistoric bedroom windows and create a dinosaur scene  by hanging  animal print  curtains infront of a dinosaur picture, dinosaur wall mural or dinosaur wall decal sticker.

Dinosaur Shelf Triceratops Wall Decor dinosaur bedroom wall decor
dinosaur Wall Decor Dinosaur Shelf dinosaur bedroom decor